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OwatchVR Celebrates 8th Anniversary Sale with Up to $3,700 Off!

To thank our dear customers for their trust and support to us over the past 8 years! OwatchVR has announced an “Owatch 8th Anniversary Big Sale” promotion from now until July 31, offering a series of offers for new and existing customers. We will be celebrating our 8th anniversary with a super discount, just for you!

Our best product matching packages based on market research:

Enjoy up to $3,700 off!

Happy shopping ahead of time!

Classical Combo (VR Chair-3rd, VR Chair 360°, VR Slide)

VR Chair-3rd : The most popular in the market! 3rd generation, freshly designed and best-selling virtual reality simulator, the best to invest in your VR business!

VR Chair 360° : Super exciting VR roller coaster simulator, 360° rotation, cool design, high immersion, accurate motion simulation, high-quality VR videos and interactive games. Give you an unprecedented virtual reality world experience!

VR Slide : 360 degree immersive enjoyment, newly designed VR surfing and exciting experience, virtual reality slide experience makes you feel like you are traveling at 100 mph. Small footprint and high return on investment!

Cost-effective Combo (VR Chair-3rd, VR Magic Box, VR Machine Gun )

VR Chair-3rd : The most popular in the market! 3rd generation, freshly designed and best-selling virtual reality simulator, the best to invest in your VR business!

VR Magic Box  : A new trend self-service solution VR game console for commercial VR business. A simple, lightweight, easy-to-use, compatible, self-service, affordable VR stand platform, multi-purpose: games, applications, education, advertising display, etc.

VR Machine Gun : Take the classic war weapon Gatling gun as the prototype to create the most warlike virtual reality experience equipment. Let the player enter the character in one second, incarnate a brave warrior and cross the line of fire, an immersive interactive shooting game, as if being in a real battlefield.

Fast and Furious Combo (VR Racing 2, VR Motorcycle , VR Flight )

VR Motorcycle  : A new virtual reality simulator 9D amusement park VR motorcycle, sci-fi futuristic motorcycle shape, unique riding style, unprecedented speed experience and pleasure, immersed in it and unable to extricate yourself!

VR Racing 2 : A 360° Immersive Experience, Made for Forza Fans! 100% restore the driving experience of the racing car, with strong interaction, the steering wheel controls the direction, the accelerator accelerates, the brake decelerates, and the left and right swing special effects bring realistic pleasure and realism.

VR Flight : Classic / bird eagle design simulator, the ultimate flight shooting experience, 100% realism, feel the most exciting sense of weightlessness! Flying games are highly collaborative, man-machine integration, and immerse yourself in the full-speed flight experience!

Enjoy up to $3,700 off your anniversary from July 1, 2022 to July 31, 2022! High-quality, high-margin, OwatchVR awaits you at a surprisingly affordable price. What are you waiting for!

Act now! Pre-order selected product packages between July 1 and July 31, 2022, and these benefits are yours.


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