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Owatch VR Triple-2 Shopping Fest Combo, Up to 20% off

In order to repay the trust and support of our customers, Owatch held the first Triple-2 VR Equipment Shopping Festival. The event time is from February 22 to March 22. During the event, all products are 15% off, and orders above 50,000 US dollars and the company’s on-site transactions are extra 5 % (i.e. 20% off).

Our best product matching packages based on market research:

  • Most Popular Combo
  • Featured Combo
  • Most Cost-effective Combo
  • Best Choice for VR Park Combo

Enjoy up to $20,320 off!

Happy shopping ahead of time!

Most Popular Combo

VR Chair-3rd: The most popular in the market! 3rd generation, freshly designed and best-selling virtual reality simulator, the best to invest in your VR business!
VR Chair 360°: Super exciting VR roller coaster simulator, 360° rotation, cool design, high immersion, accurate motion simulation, high-quality VR videos and interactive games. Give you an unprecedented virtual reality world experience!
VR Games Box: A new trend self-service solution VR game console for commercial VR business. A simple, lightweight, easy-to-use, compatible, self-service, affordable VR stand platform, multi-purpose: games, applications, education, advertising display, etc.

Featured Combo

VR Slide: Newly designed VR surfing and exciting experience, Encounter your biggest fear!
VR Motorcycle: Unprecedented speed experience and pleasure, immersed in it and unable to extricate yourself!
VR Racing 2: A 360° Immersive Experience, Made for Forza Fans! 100% restore the driving experience of the racing car.
VR Chair-3rd: The most popular in the market! The best to invest in your VR business!

Most Cost-effective Combo

VR Slide: Sliding, Surfing in the cloud, Enjoy the magic traveling.
VR Motorcycle: 360° Immersive VR Motorcycle ride, enjoy the fast & furious
VR Racing 2: City car driving simulator – F1 racing in virtual reality, best invest in your VR Business!
VR Chair-3rd: NEW Design & Best-selling Virtual Reality Simulator.
VR Chair 360°: 360° Rotation for A Super Entertainment Experience!
VR Flight: 360° Immersive Virtual Reality Flight Simulator,Just like the battle eagle, Fly and shoot, So cool!
VR Machine Gun: Strong & Heavy Shooting You Could enjoy here, Man! Get eye-catching everywhere and anytime!

Best Choice for VR Park Combo

VR Theme Park (200㎡ Medium-sized VR Park): High ROI, Low Invest with High Return In A Short Period, One of The Best Investments Nowadays

Believe me, you will be surprised by the first watch VR Triple-2 Shopping Festival.Ready? More than 30+ Virtual Game Center Amusement Rides are waiting for you!

For more event information or product details, you can contact our sales staff!

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