Interactive projection – Children’s interactive wall, Interactive Happy Ball Pitching Games

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Happy Pitching is a scene-based multimedia interactive product. Children hit the animated elements in the interactive screen with a marine ball to produce rich interactive effects. Children can play against each other as a team to fully promote the atmosphere of the park.

Happy Pitching is research by Owatch, the most popular games !The product scene is abundant and the style is diverse,It almost include all the elements kids like !
The well-made picture and the simple and easy to learn gameplay have aroused strong repercussions in the market.
The “Ocean ball”can be used as “arms”in the children’s paradise, and it is the best weapon in the screen interactive game.
Children pick them up and throw them to the large screen and hit the targets in order to get enough scores. It’s very exciting and full of challenges.

How to Play?
Choose the game, throw the target directly with the ocean ball to hit or touch the wall, and get points when the target is hit. The system will increase the difficulty over time, and the bomb effect will appear.

Happy Pitch Features

  • Adaptability: it can quickly adapt to the local market, and the project can get benefits quickly
  • Novelty: fresh gameplay and screen can quickly attract more customers
  • Strong relativity: can significantly drive the earnings of other projects
  • Continuity: the game is abundant in content to maintain long-term revenue
  • Attraction: more players’ game, multi-person onlookers, stable and sufficient passenger flow
  • Operability: easy to operate, easy to use, realistic experience, high player stickiness
  • Interesting: the gameplay is in line with players’ preferences, and the pictures are realistic and exciting, which are deeply loved by players

Application Scenarios: Children’s Playgrounds, Theme Parks, Parent-child Restaurants, Maternal and Child Retail Stores, Kindergartens, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Science and Technology Museums, Children’s Hospitals and other Parent-child Scenarios and commercial venues.