Commercial Self-service Virtual Reality Platform: VR Magic Box for HTC VIVE COSMOS

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VR Magic Box – World Class Self-service Virtual Reality Experiences

What is Virtual Reality Arcade Game Machine VR Simulator?

Virtual Reality Arcade Game Machine VR Simulator is a highly secured and more flexible automatic machine.

NEW trend vr Arcade game machine for commercial vr business. A variety of small ideas are used, including a Large screen, Magnetic Game Handles, lifting HTC VIVE COSMOS Helmet, and various interactive game, all features that enhance the virtual reality arcade experience significantly. It is very suitable for offline VR experience stores, shopping malls, and even subway stations. Owatch VR Arcade Machine is characterized by its ease of use and direct payment scanning experience without the help of shop assistants.


How to Play?

  1. Insert the coin.
  2. Glasses are coming down.
  3. Wear the glasses and make sure they’re fastened.
  4. Turn up the glasses and grab the controllers.
  5. Turn down the glasses.
  6. Choose a game.
  7. Press to start the game


Advantage of Virtual Reality Arcade Game Machine VR Simulator

  • Unique Appearance Design: Open design, Content Show with TV Synchronously, to capture the attention of visitors in all directions.
  • Anti-winding design: Use the stretchable wires connecting device, when players move, the wires of headset can be stretch at will. effectively avoid the wires got tangled and stumble the players.
  • Multiple payment methods available: Insert coin, swipe card and scan QR code.
  • Renewal Method: No need to take off the helmet to renew the fee, convenient to operate.
  • Voice Guiding Self-service: Self-service intelligent voice prompt, easy to understand and versatile.


Owatch™: Professional Commercial VR Equipment / Virtual Reality Simulator Manufacturer and supplier, Provide One-stop Amusement Park Solution, help you easily to start you VR Business! New looking, better performance, nice price!