Christmas Eve: What did Santa find in the virtual reality theme park?

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What gift is Santa Claus giving?

What did Santa find on Christmas Eve, why did he get excited in VR Theme Park and couldn’t stop playing and put down gifts for us!

What did Santa find on Christmas Eve and why he played in the room with excitement and put down gifts for us

In real life, Santa Claus appears in our lives and plays games with us
This is part of our if everything is like our middle video!

  • AR Racing Car
    A New Way of Racing! PLAY TO WIN! Customized miniature real-world track, physical 1:16 miniature car, you can experience more than 200 miles of real racing speed in complete safety!
  • VR Motorcycle
    The exterior design of sports car genes. The streamlined aesthetic design, light and elegant contour lines, combined with the fighting posture and muscles of the sports car genes, make the whole car look like it has both speed and beauty!
  • VR Magic Box
    Virtual reality intelligent self-service experience equipment. A self-service VR stand-up platform with simple operation, strong compatibility, and affordable, multi-purpose: games, industry applications, education, popular science, advertising display, etc.
  • VR WOW
    NEW! VIRTUAL REALITY ARCADES: THE BIG RIDE, The Best VR Investment Available Today. Period. hands down, the best VR investment available for any location-based entertainment venue. VR WOW is not just the original unattended VR experience, it still remains the only proven unattended VR attraction on the market.
    VR WOW: The Big Ride is the industry’s attendant-free VR attraction for arcades and FECs. The attractive and practical cabinet design reflects Owatch’ time-honored experience in arcade game design, with a high quality and exciting all-ages VR experience that provides entertainment for both first-time users and experienced enthusiasts.
  • VR Chair 360°
    360° rotation brings a super entertainment experience! Super cool virtual reality roller coaster simulator. Through the 360-degree rotation and up and down movement of the seat, as well as the special effects of blowing, the thrilling journey of various scenes is truly restored. Or experience a thrilling roller coaster, or drive a flying boat for a hearty and immersive space battle!
  • VR Team
    The war is about to start, and you are invited to fight! Fully immersive multiplayer interaction, virtual reality shooting competition area.
    Multi-player collaborative and interactive entry, featuring various themed games such as zombie wars, horror house adventures, and children’s Lego. It has a wide audience and is suitable for company team building, friends gathering, parent-child activities, etc. You can experience 4-5 people at a time, with high floor efficiency! You can work together with your teammates, and you can grasp the latest developments in real time. The game has a strong sense of substitution. When hordes of zombies pounce on the players, various screams come and go, becoming the best publicity for attracting guests on the spot!

Who is excited about Christmas 2021? !

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