Do you know the difference between VR, AR, MR, Holographic Projection, and Naked Eye 3D?

What is the difference between VR, AR, MR, holographic projection, and naked eye 3D that we often hear about? Let’s introduce and understand them separately.

First of all, what is VR?

VR is also called Virtual Reality (VR for short). Its biggest feature is the application of computer to imitate a three-dimensional imaginary world, which provides users with the imitation of senses such as sight, hearing, touch, etc., so that users are as ordinary as they are on the scene. In this fictitious space, the users who constitute the interaction are the devices of fictitious world content.

There are many representative products of VR, such as: Oculus, Sony’s PS VR, HTC’s vive and Samsung’s Gear VR, ect.

VR PARK / Équipement de Réalité Virtuelle

What is AR?

AR is also called Augmented Reality (AR). It is a new technique that “seamlessly” integrates real world information and fictional world information. It is the physical information (visual information, sound, taste, Touch, etc.), through computer and other scientific techniques, imitating the simulation and then superimposing, applying fictitious information to the real world, perceived by human senses, so as to achieve a sensory experience beyond the actual. In short, VR is a world of fiction, and AR is a world of half real and half fiction.

What is MR?

MR is also called mixed reality (MR for short), which includes both strengthening the reality and strengthening the fiction, and refers to the new visualization of the merging of the real and the fictional world. In the new visualization situation, physical and digital tools coexist and interact in time.

How to distinguish between AR and MR?

It is not difficult to distinguish between AR and VR, but how to distinguish between AR and MR is difficult. Conceptually, VR is a purely fictitious digital screen, while AR fictitious digital screen plus naked-eye reality, and MR is digital reality plus fictitious digital screen. Of course, in many moments, people regard AR as synonymous with MR, and replace MR with AR.

What is holographic projection?

The holographic projection technique, also known as the virtual image technique, is the technique of recording and reproducing the actual three-dimensional image of an object by applying the principles of intervention and diffraction. The holographic projection technique can not only produce a plane ground phantom, but also enable the phantom to interact with the performer, and realize the performance along the way, resulting in a shocking performance result. The most abstract understanding of holographic projection is “Jarvis” in “Iron Man”.
Using holographic projection, we can see real three-dimensional objects and spaces without wearing glasses or helmets. The original intention of holography is to create a 3D fictional space in the real world.

What is naked eye 3D?

The roughest concept of naked-eye 3D is the effect achieved by watching 3D films with the naked eye, just as we use 3D glasses to see the effects of 3D films nowadays.
The biggest difference between naked-eye 3D and holographic projection is the difference in imaging principles, so the displayed results will also be different. Naked-eye 3D uses the principle of grating to stop projection imaging, while holographic projection uses the principle of intervention and diffraction. Naked-eye 3D has certain requirements for onlooker angle and interval under today’s technical conditions, but holographic projection does not have this limitation.

The difference between naked eye 3D, holographic projection and VR, AR, MR

The difference between naked-eye 3D and holographic projection and VR, AR, and MR is importantly reflected in the current viewing direction. The former two can be viewed indirectly without the aid of auxiliary equipment, while the results shown by VR, AR, and MR are necessary With the help of auxiliary equipment capabilities to achieve smooth observation

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