VR awards 2022 shortlist announced! Have your favorite VR games been listed (Part 1)

On August 3, the jury of VR Awards announced the list of finalists for 2022. This year is the sixth year of the event. Due to the impact of the epidemic in the previous two years, the award ceremony was changed to be held online. This year, it will return to offline.

Aixr, the organizer of VR awards, said that this year it will cooperate with ITW to hold the award ceremony in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on December 1. At the same time, it also promises that this will be the largest and best quality session since its inception in 2017, and the number of entries has also reached a record high.

As in previous years, VR awards has set up multiple categories of awards, covering different branches of the immersive industry, including VR games, hardware, enterprise and medical care. Last year, DeMeo, a VR underground game, won the “VR game of the year award”. This year, what excellent VR games have entered the finals? Let me have a look.


Vail VR is a 5v5 first person shooting game, which envisions an anti utopian future. In the game, two rival factions will compete for control in two game modes. Among them, team deathmatch mode is the traditional team competition mode. While artifact is the core mode of the game, providing “comprehensive ELO ranking system, automatic competition and ladder structure”.

2.The Tale of Onogoro

The game combines traditional Japanese culture and Steampunk elements. In the game, the player will cooperate with Haru Kose, the priestess, to help her fight against the giant creature called “Kami”. Players must destroy five monsters on a Japanese island called “onogoro” and find the people hiding behind them. By using sacred ancient relics, players can interact with various puzzle solving elements, fight with the gods and manipulate the suppression stone attached to them.

3.Cities: VR

Cities: VR is a derivative of the city management simulation game city: skyline, and is licensed by Paradox Interactive. In the game, players will create their own metropolis. As mayor, players have a say in all aspects of urban planning, from laying roads to placing buildings. By using the quest controller to point and click on the map, players can zoom out of the game from an isometric view to individual streets.

4.Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Last Call

In the game, the player will play DOK ondar, a low-level robot repair technician, and return to Batu to launch another sci-fi adventure to explore outer planets. The player’s goal is to find a lost cultural relic, which requires exploring new places, such as sardeevem Canyon and lunar cave, to solve problems and deal with new threats.

5.Resident Evil 4

Compared with the previous version, the VR version improves the sense of horror of the game, directly fills the depressing battle atmosphere, matches the weapons and combat items of physical entities, and immerses the players in the game minute by minute. At the same time, it reduces the separate ways mode in the original version, but improves the fighting experience of enemies such as the Lord of the lake, Verdugo, garrador and iron maiden, and the puzzle solving part after the battle is more interesting. In April, the game also updated the “mercenary mode” which is highly expected by players.


Players will play Asher Neumann, the main character in the game, and travel to different time and space in the past and the future through the time transmitter. In addition, Wanderer also added the core prop Samuel the watch, which will play an important role in the player’s space-time journey, and the player can also upgrade the key items obtained in the game.