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VR awards 2022 shortlist announced! Have your favorite VR games been listed (Part 2)

On August 3, the jury of VR Awards announced the list of finalists for 2022. This year is the sixth year of the event. Due to the impact of the epidemic in the previous two years, the award ceremony was changed to be held online. This year, it will return to offline.

Aixr, the organizer of VR awards, said that this year it will cooperate with ITW to hold the award ceremony in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on December 1. At the same time, it also promises that this will be the largest and best quality session since its inception in 2017, and the number of entries has also reached a record high.

As in previous years, VR awards has set up multiple categories of awards, covering different branches of the immersive industry, including VR games, hardware, enterprise and medical care. Last year, DeMeo, a VR underground game, won the “VR game of the year award”. This year, what excellent VR games have entered the finals? Let me have a look.

7.Finger Gun

The game is set in an old city in the far west of the United States, which has been occupied by alien creatures. As the local sheriff Wyatt, the player will use a revolver to clean up the area that has been occupied by the enemy. Thanks to the hand tracking support, players will not need to interact through the touch controller, but turn their hands into a pair of deadly revolvers.

8.Garden of the Sea

This is a leisure gardening game. Players need to spend a lot of time exploring islands and collecting items. There are also quite a lot of seeds for players to choose in the game to ensure that they can harvest a variety of crops in the game. At the same time, some creatures usually require players to complete tasks, and each task requires specific items. Although many of them can be found on the island, some of them need to be made by the player through planting or mixing items. After the task is completed, the player will also get new recipes or new items.

9.Moss: Book II

Moss: Book II continues the story line of Moss: book. The main character quill needs to defeat the evil forces and rescue her uncle Argus, thus ending the ruthless rule of the evil tyrant in the magic castle. The game will begin at the end of the first part. Players will face dangerous terrain, more challenging puzzles, and various powerful enemies. In addition to fighting, the work also adds interaction designed for VR. For example, quill can use it as a temporary bridge with the help of the ability to generate magic vines.

10.Zenith: The Last City

This is a VR MMORPG game, which adopts the cyberpunk style, builds a Utopia for the player, and combines the action combat methods inspired by the VR audio game rhythm lightsaber. In the game, players can choose their profession freely, such as standing in the back row as a mage or standing in the front row as a swordsman. At the same time, you can also design your own characters, and then further customize the characters by unlocking special abilities in the game.

11.Lone Echo II

Lone echo II is a sequel to lone echo, which continues the story of Captain Olivia “liv” Rhodes and her right-hand assistant robot jack, weaving a rich science fiction story. Players will play Jack again and return to Saturn’s rings with liv, and then take another thrilling space adventure. Players can use the thrusters installed on their wrists to explore the zero gravity environment, solve various challenges, and help liv solve the mystery of deep space.

12. I Expect You To Die 2:The Spy And The Liar

This film continues the original story. The player will continue to play an undercover agent and needs to stop Dr. Zor’s evil plan to rule the world through a series of secret operations. This work emphasizes the interactive playing method and designs a large number of game puzzles completely different from the previous work. Whether it is dubbing, setting, or story, it is basically excellent. It’s worth a try if you like to escape from the secret room or adventure puzzle games.

13.After the Fall

After the fall is a VR zombie shooting game, which supports 4 players online at the same time and cross platform multiplayer cooperation. The background of the game is set 20 years after the outbreak of the virus. The player needs to explore Los Angeles after the end of the day with three other friends. There are zombies everywhere. It is called snowbread in the game. In addition, players can use the weapon production system to build, modify and upgrade weapons.