Gatlin Shooting Games With Story & Level Up ─ Owatch™

World Premiere with Storyline Game

The most intense gun battle – Owatch™ Virtual Reality Simulator VR Machine Gun:

Best VR Experience Game Machine in the World Owatch VR Shooting Simulator! Cool Transformers appearance design, highly restored Gatling heavy machine gun, first-person visual experience, making the experience a real battle feeling

New Upgrade 5 with Storyline Game: Fantasy Advebture Deserted Land, War Fair Eve of The Parasite, Jurassic World, War Fair Starship Troopers, Boom Beach.

Muscle & Strong! Get eye-catching everywhere and anytime !
The disgusting monster is right before players, makes you feel terrified. Doomsday/Eve theme, makes you feel like you are at the end of the world. Fight against the powerful enemy, makes you feel like a super soldier.
More Thrilling and More Exciting!